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2011 flyer

International experimental music festival organised annually by Atrakt Art in Bratislava since 2000.

Role of the festival is twofold: to present the outstanding personalities from the international scene of 'advanced' music as well as to give a chance to perform a young upcoming artists from Slovakia and neighboring countries. The additional aim of the festival is to reflect selected trends in multimedia art, related to music.

The festival is focused especially on the musicians both composers and interpreters. In many cases they are a virtuosos that gave up the ordinary playing techniques or common musical genres in order to find their own unique 'language'. Since 2000 there had performed several artists representing various countries and the wideness of the improvise music based on a free jazz, live-electronics, electroacoustic pieces, audiovisual performances etc.

  • 2011
  • 2010
  • 2009
  • 2008
  • 2007
  • 2006: Guy van Belle (nl/be) and undetermined musicians (sk), Alzheimer Trio (sl), Andrea Parkins (us) & Anne Wellmer (nl, de), Pan sonic (de/es/fi), Dawid Szczesny (pl), FM - fluff modulation (Fujak / Kladivo) (sk), Dieb13 & Martin Siewert, Otto von Schirach (us)
  • 2005: Urbanfailure & Rbnx (sk), General Magic (at), Anthony Pateras & Robin Fox (au), [[::.:]] (sk), Hecker (at), Vladislav Delay (fi), Mia Zabelka (at) & DJ Still (us), Pink Big Pig (sk), Spunk (no), Single Unit (no), Team Shadetek (us), Society Suckers (de), Geroyche (de), VJ Moorooduc (de), VJ Drolím si organyk FFFFF (sk)
  • 2004: Ikue Mori & Zeena Parkins (us), Supersilent (no), Philip Jeck (uk), Noel Akchoté (fr), Jason Forrest (us), Yoshihiro Hanno (jp), Over4tea (sk), [[::.:]] & gnd (sk), Luc Houtkamp Pow3 (nl)
  • 2003: Urbsounds (sk), Massaccesi (us), Nautilus Deconstruction (de), Norbert Möslang & Vapori del Cuore (ch, sk), Maja Ratkje (no), Ground/lift (at), Mik.musik (pl)..
  • 2002: E-rax & Petra Dolleman (nl, de), Marcus Maeder & Teleform (ch), Tzug (no), Degenerate Art Ensemble (us)..
  • 2001: Hinteregger & Siewert & Roisz (at), Konk Pack (uk, de), Koch & Zimmerlin (ch), Zakarya (fr)..
  • 2000: Bob Ostertag (us), Jon Rose (au), CHKK (pl), Irene Schweizer (ch), Han Bennink (nl)..