Vapori del Cuore

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The Vapori del Cuore ensemble was formed as an open group late in 1993 by members of other various contemporary music ensembles in Bratislava (Tuleň, Veni Ensemble, Vitebsk Broken, Forgotten Band, etc.), namely Marek Piaček, Ronald Šebesta, Lubo Burgr, Martin Burlas, Peter Zagar, Daniel Matej, Roman Laščiak. The group’s name refers to the expressive poetry of Edoardo Sanguinetti, analyzed by Luciano Berio in his piece Laborintus II. The music of Vapori del Cuore crosses various genres (American experimental music, experimental rock, performance, etc.). The group has recently been focusing on improvised music. During the period of 1994 to 2000, the group collaborated with David Dramm, Peter Machajdík, Nicolas Collins, Daan Vandewalle, Chris Newman, Beth Griffith, Miki Skuta, DJ Ghalagha and Alfred Zimmerlin. Along with the dance group of Marta Poláková Vapori del Cuore produced the improvised dance performance Open, and early in 2000 it took part in Trištvrte Revue magazine’s project of joining live improvised music with the screening of the movie Microcosmos. In November 2000, the group performed at the 11th Evenings of New Music Festival with guests Otomo Yosihide, John Oswald and Marián Varga. The ensemble, along with the Monika Čertezni Dance Group, joined a project combining music and dance called Great Dance, which was premiered in May 2001 at the Exposition of New Music Festival in Brno, Czech Republic.