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Nextlab is an initiative and lab founded at the end of 2004 in Budapest. Active in non-academic research and extensive experimentation in new media, public space installations and augmented reality. Organizes Budapest's Dorkbot sessions, workshops, screenings and presentations.

Founding members: lead developer Ákos Maróy, user interface researcher András Kangyal, interaction designer Adam Somlai-Fischer, multimedia designer Péter Szakál, and media artist Tamás Szakál. Regular members: designer Anna Baróthy, researcher Balázs Bodó, architect Krisztián Kelner, , software artist Gábor Papp, urban researcher Levente Polyák, artist Katarina Sevic, lead developer Viktor Szathmáry. Honorary members: Nina Czegledy, Géza Kerti.

Address: Nextlab, Szövetség 39, Budapest.