Nicola Buso

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After a Diploma on Pianoforte (teacher: M. Aiello), and a Degree on Philosophy (Università Ca’ Foscari, Venezia; supervisors: Prof. L. Perissinotto, Prof. L.V. Tarca), Nicola Buso receievd his Diploma on Electronic Music in Venezia (Conservatorio B. Marcello, Venezia; teacher: A. Vidolin). He has attended Masterclasseses on composition (A. Guarnieri, H. Lachenmann, G. Ligeti) and conducting (L. Descev), and has collaborated with the Archivio Luigi Nono (Venezia); his compositions have been performed in Italy, Poland, Germany and United States. His current interests deal with live coding and hypertextual hermeneutics.