Nik Hummer

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Electronic musican/set-designer/interior architect, describes his musical work as “social acoustic studies”. He is member of the sound art-collective thilges3, co-founder of the group metalycée and runs the record label thilges. In the last 5 years he puts his focus on the reuse of the ancient electronic instrument “trautonium”. During his residence at “tesla im podewilschen palais” in Berlin he started to work on a new version of this instrument. a combination of digital and anlog synthesis. He has cooperated with: Dougie Bowne, Eyvind Kang, Mike Patton, Franz Hautzinger, Shahazad Ismaily, and many others. Together with the austrian sculptress Claudia Märzendorfer he created the performances “vlun” and “frozen records” based on the use of records made of ice.

His musical work appears on: artonal, ipecac, laton, mosz, staalplaat , staubgold, tzadik …