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Author Ilan Manouach
Language French
Publisher La Cinquième Couche (10€, out of stock)
City Brussels
Year 2014
Pages 64
Format 21 cm x 29.7 cm
Fabrication Offset
E-book PDF (13 mb)

Noirs is a facsimile of the original edition of Les Schtroumpfs Noirs: same cover, same stories, same number of pages, same format, and as close to the original in the quality of paper, weight and so on. There is one, single difference: the four plates of magenta, yellow, cyan and black that form the basis of offset printing have been replaced by four plates of cyan. The goal of this endeavour, apart from reactivating an old consensus and problematizing the innocuously naturalization of the ideological potential of color, was also to shed light on the industrial fabrication of books. Offset printing, a supposedly transparent and mechanic process, once it stops working correctly (here, regarding color separation), can be thoroughly political.

Reviews: Pedro Moura (du9, 2014, EN), Pedro Moura (du9, 2014, FR).