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OCW is a Rotterdam non-subsidized small-scale stage initiated by the visual artist Arnold Schalks. On November 20, 2009, OCW opened its door for the first time.

The objective of OCW -a corruption of the Dutch word 'ossewei', the name of the street in which the venue is located- is to create the conditions for cross-disciplinary connections by the combined presentations of visual arts, dance, music, literature, theater and cinema, offering a lot of room for the experiment.

'Small-scale' and 'hospitality' are the catchwords for the activities of OCW. Its indoor facilities measure up to 41 sqm..The theater space -a former classroom- seats a maximum of 30 visitors. To extend the range of the programme, each series of contributions are repeated on three successive evenings.

OCW is located on the first floor of a former elementary school, now studio building of the 'Foundation Art Accomodation Rotterdam' (SKAR). The building hosts a total of 11 visual artists. OCW is not wheelchair accessible.