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Author Loïc Largier
Language French
Publisher Adverse (7€)
City Paris
Year 2017
Pages 24
Format 17 cm x 24 cm
Fabrication Manually bound
ISBN 979-10-95922-13-1
E-book PDF (32 mb)

According to a strategy of overlap acting as much as a scrambling as a revealer, Loïc Largier's method plays with distributions and accumulations of patterns drawn from a large corpus of popular comics. For this Obscurcité, the work in black on black adds to the radicality of an approach engineered here exclusively with urban motifs. The city here does not become so much a subject as a device, inviting us to question ourselves on what the use of urban design can offer us as a reading experience through the prism of a comic strip which borrows its models (in particular as a space of superimposed situations, thoughts of organizations and flow of movements of the bodies). On the basis of a bank of some 850 motifs, Loïc Largier takes us in a haunting drift to the point of vertigo, disturbing our overall reference points to sublimate the details, offering to the play of circulation of the eye in the board original cross roads. (from publisher)