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The Office for Contemporary Art Norway is a non-profit foundation created by the Norwegian Ministries of Culture and of Foreign Affairs in 2001. Its principle aim is to foster dialogue between art practitioners in Norway, including Sápmi, and the international arts scene, and support artists based in Norway in their activities around the world. As a result OCA’s discursive, exhibition, publication, residency and visitor programmes focus on bringing to Norway the plurality of practices and histories at the forefront of international artistic debates, as much as they are concerned with actively participating in such debates nationally and internationally. OCA has been responsible for Norway's contribution to the visual arts section of La Biennale di Venezia since 2001.

OCA is part of the network Norwegian Arts Abroad, a collaborative initiative to strengthen Norwegian arts at home and abroad through cooperation between participating organisations, by collectively addressing common issues, sharing knowledge and creating meaningful synergies. Norwegian Arts Abroad consists of seven arts organisations funded by the Norwegian Ministry of Foreign Affairs: Music Norway, Norwegian Crafts, Norwegian Film Institute (NFI), Norwegian Literature Abroad (NORLA), Office for Contemporary Art Norway (OCA), Performing Arts Hub Norway (PAHN) and The Norwegian Centre for Design and Architecture (DOGA). (2019)

Past and current directors: Ute Meta Bauer (2002-2005), Marta Kuzma (2005-2013), Katya García-Antón (since 2013).