Oleg Kireev

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Born 1975. Art- and media-critic, editor, artist, activist, and curator. Lived in Moscow, later in Malmoe. Commited suicide in 2009 in Moscow.

His main interests focus on the field of media, mass communication, social change and technological challenge. His work is centered around media-political campaigns (such as "Against all parties", 1999) and actions ("Barricade at Bolshaya Nikitskaya", May 1998). From his initiative Ghetto, a Moscow based collective dedicated to cultural and political analyses started its work. He is also known as an author of articles on art and politics published both, in Russian and international press ("Novaya gazeta", "Nezavasimaya gazeta", "Flash art", "Siksi", "Mute"). Kireev was one of co-funders of "RADEK", a magazine devoted to contemporary culture, politics and theory. Curator of several exhibitions and an inventor of a new artistic genre “nj'ing” (“news-jockeying”).

Wrote three books: "Against all P´s" (M., ghetto, 2001), "Lifestyle" (M., ghetto, 2004) and Media-activist Cookbook (Moscow-Yekaterinburg, Ultra.Culture, 2006) [1], the latter was awarded "Innovazia" prize at Moscow in 2007. Kireev has also translated into Russian Konrad Becker´s "Tactical Reality Dictionary".