Oleg Kotelnikov

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Artist. He works in animation. Affiliated with Parallel Cinema movement. His biggest influences were Hering and Warhol. Because a group of artists usually work on a cartoon, his group was called 'North Pole' (apart from Kotelnikov, the group included A. Ovchinnikov, E. Kondratyev, the Inal brothers), and it is only possible to talk about collection authorship.

'North Pole's' methodology is simple: artists meet and a film is made. The first of the group's films was a cartoon made jointly by Kotelnikov and Medvedev, drawn with felt-tips onto transparent film, that is without any shooting at all. The group's animation films are an interpretation of the ideas from the paintings of the 'New Wild' group. A wide variety of materials are used: collages from newspapers and magazines, plasticine, sand, any old thing which happens to be lying around. There is a role-playing film; 'On the side of Olf', which is filmed in a communal flat. Its crazy action develops amongst corpses and half dead people, and thus is necrorealism. But this film, unlike Ufit's includes treatment of the emulsion of cine film with sharp objects and dies. Two worlds open up before the viewer: the real world and the drawn world. But this is simply a formalality, as the two worlds duplicate each other, then conflict each other, then complement and build on each other, they are absolutely independent. Animation is often used for the beginning sequences of feature films, such as in Kondratev's films 'Halley Comet' 'Nanainana', 'I forgot, idiot...', in Evgeny Ufit's 'The Tree Cutter. 'North Pole' created a video clip together with musicians from the rock group 'Igri'