Ondřej Cakl

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Ondřej Cakl is a Czech curator and cultural manager.

In years 2011-2015 he was active with CIANT, International Centre for Art and New Technologies, Prague, and has helmed several large international art/science co-productions and European grant projects: "VETLICAT" Linking Creativity & Advanced Technology, vetlicat.net, EC Leonardo Da Vinci Transfer of Innovation Project, "Soft Control" Art, Science and Public Awareness Interconnected, softcontrol.info, Creative Europe Project, "TMIAAA Trust Me I Am An Artist" Ethical Issues in Art and Science Collaboration, trustmeimanartist.eu, Creative Europe Project, "TRANS(e)MISSION" Partnership Program for Digital Media, EEA Grants Project, "Europeana Space 'Hacking the <Dancing> Body'" Hackathon, europeana-space.eu, EU Horizon 2020 Project.