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Net radio, broadcasted live from E-lab every Tuesday night at 10 pm local time. Broadcasting sessions followed the creation of live jam sessions within the weekly events Open zone held during the 1997 in E-lab and Ozone Latvian alternative music archive <http://ozone.re-lab.net/archive.html>. Starting from 1997 radio "Ozone" is one of the most active participants of Xchange network and Xchange open zone co-broadcasting sessions. The first Ozone broadcasting where co-ordinated by sound artist Uģis Vītiņš who invited local DJs and sound artists to participate in live jam sessions, create dj mixes etc. Among the first participants where "Sloka Sound System", Gosh <http://www.andrews.lv/~gosh>, Vlad Jakovlev, Sergej Timofejev <http://re-lab.net/tim>, in 98 - 00 live broadcastings are continued by groups "Varka crew" <www.varka.net>, "Alexandroid" <www.andrews.lv>, "Elast" and "Clausthome" <www.clausthome.lv> and others.