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Circle of Contemporary Art PROFIL is a civic association whose activities are aimed at promoting critical thinking in the theory and practice of contemporary visual art and visual culture. The association was founded in 2001 and the focus of its activities is on publishing original periodical and non-periodical literature with an emphasis on initiating discussion on the state of contemporary art and its position within the domestic and Central European cultural space. One of the main objectives of the association is the publication of the journal Profil súčasného výtvarného umenia. (2023)

Profil for Contemporary Art was founded in 1990 and is the oldest periodical specialising in contemporary art in Slovakia. Profil is a peer-reviewed magazine that focuses on the analysis of key issues in visual art practice, but above all on theory and criticism through the opinions of local specialists as well as translations of selected texts by international scholars. The long-term goal of the editors is to promote critical thinking, to initiate discussion on the state of contemporary art and its positions within the local and Central European cultural area. (2023)

Editor-in-chief: Jana Geržová.
Editor-in-chief Deputy: Michal Murin.