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Palo Fabuš. [1]
Born Ilava, Slovakia
Based in Prague, Czech Republic

Palo Fabuš (1983) is a critic and theorist based in Prague.

Palo Fabuš studied applied informatics at the Faculty of Informatics, Masaryk University in Brno, Media Studies at the Faculty of Social Studies, Masaryk University in Brno, sociology at the Faculty of Philosophy, Charles University in Prague, and philosophy at the Ruhr Universität in Bochum. Since 2009 he is an editor of Umělec magazine; since 2011 its editor-in-chief. Currently, he teaches at the Centre of Audiovisual Studies, FAMU and in Prague College.

In 2004-2005 Palo Fabuš was editor-in-chief of IM6 magazine. He was curator of Zoom festival in 2005-2006. He worked as an editor of Literární noviny (2005-2008). Co-founded Jlbjlt in 2007. He taught Social Media course at the Department of Media Studies and Journalism FSS MU Brno. After seven years of living in Brno, he moved to Prague in 2009.

His interest in new media has evolved into research of wider contemporary from the perspective of sociology, media ecology and philosophy focusing these days mostly on the relationship of ICT and human condition. He regularly lectures at universities and cultural venues.



  • Přednáška o vznikavosti, Lačnit Press, 2017, 50 pp. With poems by Luboš Svoboda. [2] (Czech)


  • Umělec, Prague: Divus, since 2011.

Book chapters, essays[edit]

  • "A Riddle of Missing Genre", in Linear Manual, ed. Martin Kohout, TLTRPreß, and Olomouc: PAF, 2012. (English)
  • "Pavla je mutant", Umělec CZ 1 (2013), pp 32-35. (Czech)
    • "Pavla is a Mutant", Umělec EN 1 (2013), pp 32-35. (English)
  • "Orbis Pictus macht frei", Umělec 1 (2014). (Czech),(English)
  • "Hold Your Horses", 2019. Text for the exhibition Hold Your Horses by Lucia Dovičáková in Galéria Medium, Bratislava, 28.8.–22.9.2019. (Slovak)