Panorama du Feu

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Panorama du Feu
Author Jochen Gerner
Language French
Publisher L'Association (49,70€)
City Paris
Year 2010
Pages 400
Fabrication Box set containing 51 booklets, total weight: 719 g
ISBN 978-2-84414-355-6
E-book PDF (391 mb)

Le Panorama du Feu is one of the main pieces of Gerner’s solo exhibition presented at the Anne Barrault gallery in September 2009. The artist revisited covers of a large variety of so-called war literature booklets from the 1960s and 1970s. He covered multiple areas in black, highlighted specific words or included pictograms in the old booklets. The author thus highlights the violence of these popular periodicals from the Cold War era. The result is an Oubapian book-object par excellence, an atypical assemblage made up of 50 booklets of 8 pages each gathered in a box. (from publisher)