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  • Pasifikafuturism
  • Pasifikafuturisms
  • Pasifika Futurism
  • Pasifika Futurisms
  • Can overlap with Oceania Futurisms and Pacific Futurism, though "Pasifika" refers to the Indigenous peoples, populations and diasporas of certain parts of Oceania, sometimes including or excluding Māori
  • Can overlap with and include Futurisms in Oceania, such as Polynesian Futurism(s), Melanesian Futurism(s), Micronesian Futurism(s), Pacific Islander Futurism(s), Samoan Futurism(s), Tongan Futurism(s), Fiji Futurism(s), Māori Futurism(s), Hawaiian Futurism(s), Aeotearoa Futurism(s) and more
  • Can be included in and overlap with Indigenous Futurism(s) around the world including Tropical Futurism(s), Island Futurisms, Archipelagic Futurisms, Solarpunk and more

Artists and Creators[edit]

  • Gina Cole (NZ, Tāmaki Makaurau)
  • Solomon Enos (US, Hawai'i)
  • Sione Teumohenga aka LonelySpeck
  • Celina Tupou-Fulivai aka Heliaki

Curators, Theorists & Critics[edit]

  • Gregory Loui (US|Hawai'i)



  • "Pacific Futurism", CLASS Annual Research Conference, University of Guam, College of Liberal Arts & Sciences, March 2024.

Exhibitions & Catalogues[edit]



Indigenous Pacific Islander Eco Literatures, Edited by Kathy Jetñil-Kijiner, Leora Kava and Craig Santos Perez, 2022
Na Viro by Gina Cole, 2022

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