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Patricia Railing is an art historian specialising in the Russian Avant-Garde. She has published widely on Cubism and Suprematism in both books and articles. She is Director of Artists.Bookworks which brings early 20th century artists' books and writings into facsimile reprints, She is President of the International Chamber of Russian Modernism, InCoRM, Paris.

Authored and edited books
  • From Science to Systems of Art . On Russian Abstract Art and Language 1910/1920 and other essays, Artists.Bookworks, Sussex, 1989
  • Suprematism . 34 Drawings . A Little Handbook of Suprematism, with K. Malevich, SUPREMATISM . 34 Drawings, Vitebsk 1920, Artists.Bookworks, 1990
  • More About Two Squares, with El Lissitzky, ABOUT 2 Squares, Artists.Bookworks, Sussex & The MIT Press, Cambridge.
  • The Pure Art of Painting, catalogue, Stadt Galerie Klagenfurt, Austria, 1999.
  • Malevich on Suprematism, editor, Museum of Art, University of Iowa, 1999.
  • Mayakovsky, Lissitzky, For the Voice. British Library Publications and The MIT Press.
  • Kruchenykh, Matiushin, Malevich, Victory Over the Sun, Editor. 2 volumes. Artists.Bookworks, Sussex, 2009.