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Pavel Arsenev (Павел Арсеньев, 1986, Leningrad) is an artist, poet and theorist. He graduated in Theory of Literature from the Faculty of Philology and Arts at St. Petersburg State University. He is the author of two books of poetry. Arsenev is founding editor of Translit, a Petersburg journal for poetry and theory and a former member of the Poetry Actionism Laboratory (2008-12) with Roman Osminkin and Dina Gatina. He was the recipient of the Andrei Bely Literary Prize in 2012. He lives in St Petersburg.


  • To, chto ne ukladyvayetsya v golove. Stikhi [То, что не укладывается в голове. Стихи; That, Which Does Not Settle In the Head], St Petersburg: AnnaNova, 2005. [1] (Russian)
  • Bestsvetnyye zelonyye idei yarostno spyat. Stikhi [Бесцветные зелёные идеи яростно спят. Стихи; Colorless Green Ideas Violently Slumber], Moscow & St Petersburg: Kraft, 2011. (Russian)
  • Writings in Translit