Pavel Filonov

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Pavel Nikolayevich Filonov (Па́вел Никола́евич Фило́нов; 1883–1941) was a Russian avant-garde painter, art theorist, and poet.

Born in Moscow, Filonov came from a poor family and was orphaned early in life. As a founding member of the St. Petersburg Union of Youth art group in the 1910s, he associated with members of the avant-garde, and from 1914 to 1915, he illustrated Futurist books. During these years, he became an increasingly fanatical and ascetic figure who shunned most alliances and believed the future of modern art lay in Russia. In 1913, he and Iosef Shkolnik designed the decor and costumes for Mayakovsky's play Vladimir Mayakovsky: A Tragedy. In 1914, he began to formulate his complex "Ideology of Analytical Art", which advocated the use of intuition in overcoming the chaos of the world. He died of pneumonia during the Siege of Leningrad in 1941. (Source)