Pavlína Morganová

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Pavlína Morganová is an art historian and curator. She works at the Department of Art Theory and History and at the Academic Research Centre of the Academy of Fine Arts in Prague. She has written the book Czech Action Art (1999 and 2009) and the study on action art in the catalogue of the exhibition Action, Word, Movement, Space (Prague City Gallery, 1999). She has contributed to the anthology České umění 1938-1989: programy, kritické texty, dokumenty [Czech Art 1938–1989: Programs, Critical Texts, Documents] (along with Jiří Ševčík and Dagmar Dušková; Academia, 2001). She has curated the exhibition Insiders / The Unobtrusive Generation of the 1990s (The Brno House of Arts and Futura, 2005). She is also the author of the Artscape project mapping the Czech art scene of 2007. She published a book on conceptual artist Lumír Hladík in 2011.