Peter Tscherkassky

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Peter Tscherkassky started making films in 1979. His work has been honored with more than 45 awards – the most recent was Prize for Best Short Film at the Venice Film Festival in Sept. of 2010 for Coming Attractions.

Tscherkassky earned his Ph.D. in Philosophy, writing a dissertation about the aesthetics of avant-garde film entitled Film as Art – Towards a Critical Aesthetics of Cinematography in 1986. Since 1984 Tscherkassky has been continuously writing and publishing essays and articles about the history and theory of avant-garde filmmaking. He is editor of the only German book dedicated to the work and thought of Peter Kubelka (co-ed. G. Jutz: Peter Kubelka, Vienna 1995). As of 1988 Tscherkassky started teaching the history and aesthetics of avant-garde film at various art academies. He organized several large film festivals and curated countless film programs in Austria and abroad. In 1991, together with Brigitta Burger-Utzer, Martin Arnold, Alexander Horwath and Lisl Ponger he co-founded sixpackfilm, an independent film sales and distribution company.