Petra Hlaváčková

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Born Brno, Czech Republic
Lives in Brno, Czech Republic

Born 1981 in Brno, Czech republic. Graduated in History of Art and Architecture from the Faculty of Philosophy of Masaryk University in Brno, where she is continuing a doctoral study program.

Theorist of architecture and art, freelance curator based in Brno

Co-founder of on-line magazine [1] focused on articles and reviews about contemporary art and architecture in 2008.

Petra is co-founder of 4AM Forum for Architecture and Media association (2010) which run Gallery of Architecture in Brno 2009-2012. Worked at The Brno House of Arts (2008 - 2012).

Petra is co-curator of the Compact City exhibition [2] and Art and Liberation. Europe 1943-1967: Revolting People exhibition [3], curator of the Move the City workshop [4] and she is also author and curator of the research project Kill Your Idol - Psychoanalysis of contemporary architecture of the City of Brno. [5]

Petra was involved in the Asking Architecture winning project for the exposition in the Czech and Slovak Pavilion at 13th International Architecture Exhibition of la Bienale di Venezia 2012 [6], in cooperation with curator and architect Ján Pernecký and curator Barbora Šedivá with Kill Your Idol project [7]

She is also author, curator and coordinator of the "Brno Architecture Manual. A Guide to 1918-1945 Architecture" [8]. Beginning September 2011, the Brno Architecture Manual (BAM) is available as a freely accessible database, trail markings, printed maps and guides providing those interested in architecture with detailed information about Brno development dating from 1918-1945. An internet database of 400 architectural structures is available for professionals and the general public at or english version and contains informational texts, maps, photo documentation and audio recordings to download.

Petra is also a lecturer of moderne architecture and feminist art history in the Department of Art History at the Faculty of Arts of Masaryk University in Brno and author and editor of the book Brno Architecture Manual. A Guide to 1918-1945 Architecture. She is a member of independent film platform [9], art reviewer and commentator of magazines and newspapers [10], Art+Antiques [11] and [12].

Contact,, Petra is on Facebook [13] and Twitter