Pierre Clastres

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Pierre Clastres (17 May 1934 – 29 July 1977) was a French anthropologist and ethnographer. He is best known for his fieldwork among the Guayaki, now better known as Aché, in Paraguay and his theory on stateless societies. Clastres took part in the events of May '68. He died, aged 43, in a car accident at Gabriac, Lozère.


  • Chronique des indiens Guayaki, 1972.
    • Chronicle of the Guayaki Indians.
  • La Société contre l'État, 1974.
    • Society Against the State.
  • Le Grand Parler. Mythes et chants sacrés des Indiens Guaraní, 1974.
  • Les marxistes et leur anthropologie, 1978.
  • French Marxists and their Anthropology.
  • Recherches d'anthropologie politique, 1980.
  • Archéologie de la violence. La guerre dans les sociétés primitives