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Pit Schultz (1965, Heidelberg) is an author, artist and computer professional. He is project manager for reboot.fm. Studied computer science (1988). In 1991 co-founded Botschaft e.V., an interdisciplinary cultural initiative in East Berlin, existed until 1995. Created web projects, wrote net criticism. Was in The Thing network. Co-founded Radio Internationale Stadt. Contributed in 1997 to the "Hybrid Workspace" at the Documenta X in Kassel and founded in 1999 Klubradio, which streamed live through the Internet from the artistically important Clubs in Berlin. Participated in ZKP meetings in 1995-96. In 1995 co-founded the mailing list nettime, in March 1998 Mikro, and in 2000 Bootlab. He lives and works in Berlin.



  • editor, with Diana McCarty, Geert Lovink and Vuk Cosic, The Beauty and the East, Ljubljana: Nettime (ZKP4), 1997.
  • editor, with Geert Lovink (Nettime), Netzkritik: Materialien zur Internet-Debatte, trans. Bettina Seifried, Florian Rötzer and Thomas Atzert, Berlin: ID-Verlag, 1997, 220 pp. [1] (German)
  • with Geert Lovink, Jugendjahre der Netzkritik. Essays zu Web 1.0 (1995 – 1997), Amsterdam: Institute of Network Cultures, 2010, 96 pp. (German)

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