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Pixelache Helsinki is a platform for emerging art, design, research and activism.

Pixelache is an association of artists, cultural producers, thinkers and activists involved in the creation of emerging cultural activities. Amongst its fields of interest are: experimental interaction and electronics, code-based art and culture, grassroot organising & networks, renewable energy production/use, participatory art, open-source cultures, bioarts and art-science culture, alternative economy cultures, politics and economics of media/technology, audiovisual culture, media literacy & ecology and engaging environmental issues. (2022)

Pixelache Helsinki Festival

Pixelache Helsinki ('Pikseliähky') began as a festival of electronic art and subcultures, organised in Helsinki since year 2002. The festival programme often consists of seminars, workshops, exhibitions, performances, concerts and club events. Since early 2012 the festival (and organisational) subtitle has been named variously; sometimes taking the form of a full cultural festival across Helsinki (and beyond), and sometimes taking the form of a smaller, more focused "camp"-style event. The most recent festivals have had different co-directors from the membership each year: In September 2015 (Living Spaces), September 2016 (Interfaces for Empathy), September 2017 (Local & Decentralized), then biennally onwards in May 2019 (Breaking the 5th Wall), and most recently in June 2021 (#Burn____).  

Pixelache Helsinki Festival is one of the oldest (Northern-)European emerging, electronic and experimental art and culture festivals still going, and adapting to changing circumstances.

Pixelache Helsinki is coordinated by the Finnish non-profit cultural association Piknik Frequency ry (see below). (2022)