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Culture centres in Zagreb, founded in 2009 by City of Zagreb and Alliance Operation City, currently operating in two locations, Pogon Jedinstvo and Pogon Mislavova.

POGON (which means both “drive” and “production plant” in English) is a hybrid cultural institution, based on a new model of public-civil partnership, established and managed jointly by Alliance Operation City (local network of youth and cultural associations / NGOs) and the City of Zagreb (municipality). This hybrid model provides long-term sustainability as the result of a balance between public financing and supervision on one hand and independent programming and participatory decision-making on the other.

The main purpose of POGON is to provide basic services and manage the infrastructure for cultural and youth programs (contemporary arts and culture; related social, theoretical, and policy activities; various youth activities). Its venues, equipment, and temporary office may be used free of charge for all non-profit activities. At the same time, POGON is also developing its own activities, currently focusing on international cooperation.

Director: Emina Višnić. Program coordinator: Sonja Soldo.