Polona Tratnik

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Artist and Research associate at UP Science and Research Centre of Koper and docent for philosophy of culture at UP Faculty of Humanities Koper at the Department for Cultural Studies. She is a director of Horizonti institute, a secretary of Slovenian Society of Aesthetics (since 2005), and was an art director of the Break 2.3 festival New Species (2005). Her monographs include: In Vitro. Alive Beyond Body and Art (forthcoming, 2010), Transart. Culture and Art in Global Conditions (2010), The End of Art. Genealogy of Modern Discourse: from Hegel to Danto (2009), Art: Resistance, Subversion, Madness (ed., 2009). As a research artist she is active in the field of bio art and has participated at: Ars Electronica (Linz, 2008), Bios 4 (Sevilla, 2007), Vit<a>rti (Antwerpen, 2007), In Vivo in Vitro (Athens, 2006), Biennial for Electronic Arts (Perth, 2004), L’Art Biotech (Nantes, 2003) etc. She is the principal of the Hair in vitro project.