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Pushkinskaya-10 is an independent art center in St Petersburg.

In 1989, a group of independent artists and musicians occupied a disused building on Pushkinskaya Street. The street's name pays homage to the poet Alexander Pushkin, who died in St Petersburg. The residents of Pushkinskaya-10 were to have a legacy of their own, but one that - like Pushkin's own exile - came at the risk of imprisonment. These artists disobeyed the rules of socialist realism, which required art to be 'socialist in content, national in form'. Experimental and formalist artistic trends such as surrealism, pop art and conceptualism, practised by the artists of Pushkinskaya-10, deviated from this. Although no dominant artistic trend emerged in this unofficial art, the movement became known as nonconformism, as the artists were united in their nonconformism to state-dictated art. [1]