Quarantine Series

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Quarantine Series has left its exhibition space and stopped its programme on January 1st, 2005.

From June 2003 til December 2004, it was located in the Quarantine Building in the Eastern Docklands (Oostelijk Havengebied) of Amsterdam. The Quarantine Building housed 12 artists studios, 2 sound studios, a café (De Cantine) and an exhibition space. Ehibition space was located on the ground floor of the building, and was combined with the café. The two spaces were semi-seperated by a long wall and two transparant shutters.

Curator: Nina Folkersma. Assistant-curator: Femke Lutgerink.

Quarantine Series was a project of Stichting Kunstwerk Loods 6: a foundation that supports and stimulates innovative art projects by providing space for artists, designers and creative companies. Director: Ina Pronk, technical assistant: Robbert Fokkens.

Quarantine Series was financially supported by the Mondriaan Foundation. The programme of 2003/2004 was financially supported by the Amsterdams Fonds voor de Kunst (www.afk.nl), Fonds voor de Beeldende Kunst, Bouwkunst en Vormgeving (www.fondsbkvb.nl), Mondriaan Foundation (www.mondriaanfoundation.nl), Prins Bernard Cultuurfonds Amsterdam (www.prinsbernardcultuurfonds.nl), VSB Fonds (www.vsbfonds.nl).