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Radio International City (Radio Internationale Stadt) is an art and cultural project and has been startet in 1996. It offered a dynamical platform for the presentation of audio content for independant artists and other creative people in the cultural environment. Based in Berlin.

In December 1998 the project ORANG has been launched. ORANG stands for the color, the malay word for "human being" and last, but not least for "Open Radio Archive Network Group". ORANG was the distributed version of RIS, which means, that audio content could be published on different servers. But the access to the entire pool of audio materials on all ORANG systems is assured. Each publishing on one of the associated systems lead to an automated update of the databases of all other systems, within seconds. Besides RIS, there were ORANG systems installed at E-lab in Riga, and Backspace in London.

Following the concepts and designs of ORANG / Radio Internationale Stadt, RIC launched in 1999 the system OVA / Open Video Archive at the ZKM Karlsruhe at http://ova.zkm.de.

Project team:
Concept, System Software & Production: Thomax Kaulmann.
Graphic Design: Moniteurs.
Text: Sabine Helmers, Frank Vogler, Frank Kunkel.
special thanks: Herbert A. Meyer, Commander MUR, Pit Schultz.
Audio: all contributors

In January 2002, Orang was hacked and all audio data lost.

Berlin - [1]
Riga - [2]
London - [3]