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Electronic arts festival held in Reykjavík since 2007. Festival is dedicated to professional artists and students of all art forms, music, visual art, dance etc. that are using electricity or electronic equipment at any stage in their artistic creation.

2008 organization committee: Áki Ásgeirsson, Haraldur Karlsson, Hilmar Thórdarson, Rikhardur H. Fridriksson.
2008 festival sponsored by (in alphabetical order): Iceland Academy of the Arts, Iceland Ministry of Culture, Kopavogur School of Music, Reykjanes School of Music, Reykjavik University.

  • May 2007, lectures and concerts that focused on new technology in electronic music performance. Guests where electronic musicians and scientists, among others, Daniel Arfib, Todor Todoroff, Alain Crevoiser, Mikael Fernsröm and students in electronic music or new media that came from various Icelandic educational institutions; Iceland Academy of the Arts, Kopavogur School of Music, Reykjanes School of Music and the Reykjavik University.
  • 30 Apr - 3 May 2008, theme: music and video. Guests: Morton Subotnick, individual Icelandic electronic artist and groups such as Raflistafélag Íslands (Iceland Electronic Arts Society) and S.L.Á.T.U.R.