Rainer Mandl

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Born 1969 in Vienna. Web and media artist who has been working in film and television since the mid-90s. He hosted his own TV-show on music and contemporary art (together with Amina Handke). Among his artworks are Walzerwürfelspiel, a permanent installation for the House of Music Vienna (2002; collaboration with Elisabeth Wildling, Markus Novak, shaGTT); rgb computer game with cellular automaton (2001; with Sepp Deinhofer); as well as the interactive computer installation timeBox (), shown at Arc Galerie in Vienna (2001). Since 2000, he has done sound productions under the name mit, "finest electrical/digital dilettantism" -- with Nikola Winkler, Michael Aschauer and Daniel Suljic -- that have been performed at concerts in Vienna, Linz and Zagreb.