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Mikhail Larionov took the word "rayism", "luchizm" in Russian, to describe his paintings in which the depiction of rays of light refracting and reflecting off objects are captured in radiant lines of colours. Natalia Goncharova was soon a Rayist painter and their works were first exhibited in late 1912. There were two phases of Rayism. In "Realistic Rayism", of 1912-1913, "the object serves as a point of departure", as Larionov wrote, for the colours of shafts of lights that reflect and refract between the objects. In "Pneumorayism", or "concentrated" Rayism, of mid-1913-1914, shafts of coloured light dominate and the object disappears underneath them. 1912-1914. (Anthony Parton)

For bibliography see Larionov#Writings.