Recycling The Future

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A Kunstradio Project in Four Episodes by Kunstradio.

Project took a look at the new art practices and the theories, a special focus on "Sampling", "Collaging", "Recycling" and "Re-mixing" of sounds, images, objects, ideas, histories and futures which is a central theme and technique in much of the new art.

  • at HYBRID WORKSPACE, documentaX, Kassel, 18-27 July 1997
  • at Ars Electronica Festival'97, Design Center Linz, 8-13 Sept. 1997
  • at LADA'97, L'Arte dell'Ascolto, Rimini, 3-9 Nov. 1997
  • RECYCLING THE FUTURE, Radio-Kulturhaus, Vienna, 4-7 Dec. 1997