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Rekombinant is a network environment launched by Franco "Bifo" Berardi and Matteo Pasquinelli on the 22nd July 2000. Rekombinant is a listblog: a weblog running as a web interface of a mailing list. Everyday around 1700 subscribers post and discuss articles, projects, events: most of them are based in Italy, around 40% in Europe and in the rest of the world.

Rekombinant focuses on radical philosophy, social conflicts, media activism, networking art, deviant avant-gardes, libidinal economy, western psycho-pathology, collective imagery, autonomous universities. In the recent years Rekombinant has been representing especially in Europe a nodal point between net culture, global activism and radical thought, connecting with other mailing lists and networks such as Nettime and Multitudes.

The mailing list is moderated. Only messages with a clear subject can be posted. No attachment! No HTML! Plain text only. Possibly. Messages in all languages are welcome even if debates take place usually in Italian or English. Aware of the English language hegemony, messages in the main European languages are encouraged.

List editor is Matteo Pasquinelli. (2009)