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Artist: Aleksandra Hirszfeld

Infotainment is an installation that combines sound and media art within one spatial framework of a dark room. It offers to the audience a disquieting experience of being immersed into an abyss of news and information that describe the contemporary world as it is constituted by the omnipresence of mass media and entertainment. Infotainment is an attempt to repeat and rethink Guy Debord’s idea who in 1973 made a film based on his own theory exposed in the “The Society of the Spectacle”, exploring the opportunities constituted by his strategy of “détournement”. Aleksandra Hirszfeld, the authoress of “Infotainment”, wonders about how Debord’s strategy might be re-cycled in a world that perhaps has in the meantime grown out of the old patterns of social and cultural critique. What had previously been a line of flight from the system is now re-sized and re-absorbed, so that it turned inwards and rechanneled critical thinking into an acceptable and consummable lifestyle that can be bought at the market of ideas. In order to get at grips with this condition of contemporary criticism one has to invent rules of game that would constitute a closed area of autonomous commentary to the reality. This has been as much true about the time in which Debord acted as well as it is still more true about our time. (sound art 25min, lightbox 106x106)