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Pravo na grad [Right to the City Zagreb] is an organisation engaged in advocacy and public campaigning against the economic overexploitation of spatial resources, corruption of public governance for the benefit of private interests, and the disenfranchisement of citizens in spatial planning processes in the city of Zagreb and Croatia. The initiative was established as a collaboration between civil society organizations working in the fields of culture and youth, and later formalised as NGO. All activities of Right to the City are implemented in cooperation with Green Action / Friends of the Earth Croatia, one of the most relevant Croatian environmental NGOs. Over the last five years Right to the City has undertaken a number of protest actions raising the public awareness about failing and corrupt urban development and planning policies of public authorities in the city of Zagreb, mobilizing the public against a very visible project of a shopping mall planned in the very centre of Zagreb’s pedestrian zone (Flower Square and Varsavska Street), as well as other cases of mismanagement in spatial policy. Ever since the end of the campaing in Varšavska, Right to the City has been working on helping similar citizen, activist and worker initiatives such as Kamensko, Inicijativa for Marjan, and Srđ is ours!