Robert B. Lisek

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Robert B. Lisek is an artist, mathematician and a founder of FUNDAMENTAL RESEARCH LAB; he is involved in the number of projects focused on alternative art strategies, hacktivism and artificial intelligence. A pioneer of art based on GAI (general artificial intelligence). His visionary combination of GAI and telerobotics explores the possibility of building distributed and supra-intelligent entities. He is also a scientist connected with the Department of Logic of Wroclaw University specializing in the theory of partially-ordered sets. His projects include among others: FLOAT – Lower Manhattan Cultural Council, WWAI- Siggraph, Los Angeles; Falsecodes - Red Gate Gallery & Planetary Collegium, Beijing; FLEXTEXT- CiberArt Bilbao, Medi@terra - Byzantine Museum, Athens, RunMe-Moscow, FLEXTEXT – ACA Media Festival, Tokyo; STACK – ISEA 02, Nagoya; SSSPEAR –17th Meridian, WRO Center for Media Arts, Wroclaw, HAPPY NEW FEAR – FluxusOnline, New Horizonte; ODER - Medienturn - Graz, Kunstpalase – Dusseldorf, Fournose Center – Athens, Oder-Graz, Paris, Tokyo, Palermo, Istambul. Lives in Wroclaw.