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Born in Birmingham, England. Grew up and educated in London, Ontario, Canada. Achieved an Honours degree in Theoretical Physics from the University Of Western Ontario plus a diploma from the Ontario Institute of Audio Recording Technology (OIART). Since 1993 member of the Association of Computing Machinery (ACM), the organisation which governs computer professionals. In 2003 moved to Limerick, Ireland.

Sound Art

I enjoy exploring sounds for their own qualities, and their relationship with those who hear them. As escalation 746 (and other incarnations) I haved played live in Dublin, Galway and Limerick in 2007. These performances integrate drum beats, sine wave pulses, cut-ups and other rhythmic techniques. In December 2007 the CD Marmaros, one continuously shifting texture of orchestral harmonics, was released on Studio Ubiquity. I am currently working with vocalist Susannah Clare on the downbeat pop project Secret Space. Check out the escalation 746 website for downloads, CD releases and further activities.

Audio Engineering

I made a live recording to document the short-lived multicultural collaboration Coffee and Cream and recently developed the pre-show theme for the album launch of The Fewer The Better. Other work has been for theatre and dance. I'm curently working on a variety of upcoming releases, including the restoration of a lost Canadian post-punk album.

Event Curatorship

With Jürgen Simpson of University of Limerick, I organise the ongoing Soundings concerts since 2006. I am also a partner in RICE, The Real Institute of Civic Engagement, a social arts project founded by Frankfurt dramaturge Steve Valk. In this role I integrate visual design, research, writing, audio and performance into projects including Seven Days Of Everything at the 2005 Dublin Fringe and the lecture-performance Quantum Physics And New Theories Of Social Relations.

Writing & Editing

I was part of the editorial team for Microphone On, the most extensive book of new poetry ever published in Ireland. In 2006 I presented the paper "Time And Reality Die In Spectacle: Doctor Who As The Perfect Crime" at the Engaging Baudrillard conference in Swansea, Wales. Two essays are forthcoming in print. Further writing may be found at The Theatre Of Noise, which includes music reviews, audio research, humour, items of interest from around the web and much more.


In the past I was active in community radio, producing over 400 episodes of the arts/music programme Missing 15 Minutes. An excerpt was presented at the AMARC 4 International Festival of Radio Art in Dublin and included on the compilation tape Radio Art International. Additionally I was a producer for the arts programme Dreamscapes (London, Ontario, Canada) and a founding member of Radio Ethos, the first community internet radio station in Canada (Strathroy, Ontario, Canada, 1998).