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Rok (Deadline) was the journal of literature, art and aesthetic testing of the reality, published in Belgrade in 1969. Its editor and director was a prominent contemporary writer, essayist and theorist Bora Ćosić (Zagreb, 1932). Within a few issues that were published, the journal Rok gathered some of the most important names in the intellectual and literary scene of the former Yugoslavia. It argued for finding "new forms of consciousness, multidimensional, sublime and liberating", which was substantially different from the existing aesthetic and political standards of Yugoslav society. Rok was at the same time a journal of Neo-avantgarde art and an independent multigenre and intertextual work of art.

The supplement to the first issue of the journal is an excellent example of the phrase "aesthetic testing of the reality". It, in a tabular view of "aesthetic" events from August 21 to August 27 of 1968, presents the invasion of the armies of the Warsaw Pact of Czechoslovakia as a highly organized Fluxus happening. The frightening fact of occupation, interpreted by reminiscences of current and historical avant-garde movements, their concepts, mannerismes and aesthetic, in a surreal view of the military act and powerless resistance reveals, ironizes and brings into disrepute.