Rudolf Altrichter

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Painter, graphic designer, and typographer. He was born to a Swiss family in Vienna in 1916. He studied at business high school in Trenčín (until 1938). After the war he became one of the original Bata salesmen. He studied economics, and upon graduation met his later wife Maria. Rudolf and Maria settled in Svit, Slovakia, where Rudolf was employed by the Bata Batex company as a oper. manager. After the war they had their first child Katarina, and moved to Bratislava where they had a second child Pavol.

Rudolf Altrichter learned graphics and painting as an auto-didact (1940-1945), and in 1946 was one of the co-founders who re-established the Slovak Art Society (1946). He also founded the association of Slovak Graphic artists along with Orest Dubay and Ernest Zmeták a year later (1947). Since 1950 he worked as freelance artist.

In the 1960s his work was influenced by op art among other things [1]. In 1955–1972 he created a number of film poster designs, 32 of which were printed.

His work, paintings, posters, prints have been exhibited (group since 1947, solo since 1969) in Bratislava, Grenada, Warsaw, Frankfurt, Berlin and Vienna. He has been most recognised for his anti-war posters, neva collection and movie posters.

His children both became accomplished artists and graphic designers.

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