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Born 1983 in Ipswich. UK based electronic artist working with self made instruments and tools for live interactive performance. His work is focused on movement and the physicality in live electronic performance, noise and underground music, hypnosis and trance states, D.i.Y culture, FLOSS Art, and illusion.

He has performed and presented his work internationally in a wide range of venues from art and academic institutions to derelict warehouses and squats. Some international performances have been at Piksel Festival, Norway; 3rd International Pure Data Convention, Brazil; xxxxx, Germany; APO33, France; Coxpon Ambient Theatre, Hungary; Tweak Festival, Ireland; Royal Opera House and Science Museum, UK; MediaLabPrado, Spain; and Sound and Music Computing, Italy.

In 2006 he started noise=noise, a sporadic experimental performance event, which has showcased many artists, academics, hackers, dancers, and performers ranging from the internationally acclaimed to the underground lurker.

Ryan has collaborated with various people on many performances and projects including Martin Howse, John Bowers, Jonathan Kemp, Z'EV, Julien Ottavi, Geraldine McEwan, Tim Hopkins, Mick Grierson, and Andy Bolus.

He directed A10Lab in 2010 which was an experimental audiovisual performance laboratory exploring free and open-source soft and hardware.

Ryan has a BA Sonic Arts from Middlesex Unitversity (2007) and a Distinction in MFA Computational Studio Arts from Goldsmiths (2009).

He is currently Artist in Residence at ]performancespace[ and undertaking a PhD at the Music Technology and Innovation Research Centre at De Montfort University, Leicester. John Richards and Helena Goldwater are his supervisors.