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SETUP is Utrecht's stage for everyone interested in combining technology and creative culture. It was founded in 2010, as an initiative by several local inidivuals and groups working in the field of new media, art and design. Inspired by the success of somewhat larger 'medialabs' in Amsterdam and Rotterdam, the need of having something similar in Utrecht became quite clear. Having many (academic) study programs concerning new media and a relatively large 'creative industry', SETUP fits Utrecht rather perfectly. However, SETUP is not a regular media lab when it comes down to its approach; it does not focus on the technology itself so much, but rather is concerned with social implications, cultural meaning and creative ways of putting new technologies to use.

SETUP's message is put forward in organizing events, like lectures, workshops and exhibitions. The target audience is widespread and highly diverse: media professionals, marketeers, artists or Facebook-enthousiasts in general; all are welcome to participate.