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Sadie Plant (1964) is an author and philosopher. She received Ph.D. in Philosophy from the University of Manchester in 1989, and in 1995 went on to found the Cybernetic Culture Research Unit at Warwick University, where she was a faculty member. She left academia in 1997 to pursue writing. She has lectured at symposia and festivals internationally. Lives in Birmingham, England.



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    • Nullen und Einsen. Digitale Frauen und die Kultur der neuen Technologien, trans. Gustav Roßler, Berlin: Berlin Verlag, 1998, 304 pp. Also published in 1998 as 4-CD audio book read by Elisabeth Sutterlüty. (German)
    • Ceros + unos: mujeres digitales + la nueva tecnocultura, Barcelona: Destino, 1998, 309 pp. (Spanish)
    • Nullen en enen: de ondergang van het patriarchaat, trans. Harm Damsma and Niek Miedema, Amsterdam: Contact, 1998, 287 pp. (Dutch)
    • Mulher digital o feminismo e as novas tecnologias, trans. Ruy Jungmann, Rio de Janeiro: Rosa dos Tempos, 1999, 268 pp. (Brazilian Portuguese)
    • Rāyat al-tamarrud: al-umamīyah al-mūāqifīyah fī al-ʻaṣr mā baʻd al-ḥadāthī [راية التمرد : الأممية المواقفية في العصر ما بعد الحداثي], Cairo: al-Majlis al-Aʻlá lil-Thaqāfah, trans. Ahmad Hassan, 1999, 223 pp. (Arabic)
    • Det binære køn: digitale kvinder og den nye technokultur, trans. Jan Teuber, Copenhagen: Samleren, 2001, 268 pp. (Danish)
  • Writing on Drugs, London: Faber & Faber, 1999, 276 pp. (English)
    • Escrito con drogas, trans. Ferran Meler-Orti, Barcelona: Destino, 2001, 474 pp. (Spanish)
    • Narkotika: historien om digtere og stoffer, trans. Ulla Warren, Copenhagen: Samleren, 2003, 283 pp. (Danish)

Selected articles[edit]

  • "Beyond the Screens: Film, Cyberpunk and Cyberfeminism", Variant 1:14, Summer 1993, pp 12-17.
  • "Babes in the Net", New Statesman & Society, 27 Jan 1995, p 28. [1]
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  • "Between Shit and Architecture", keen on 3: "Concrete", Vienna, 2016. (English)


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