Samoilă Mârza

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Born September 18, 1886(1886-09-18)
Galtiu village, Sântimbru Commune, Alba County, Kingdom of Romania
Died December 19, 1967(1967-12-19) (aged 81)
Alba Iulia, Romania

Samoilă (Emanuil) Mârza (1886–1967) was a Romanian photographer. A native of Transylvania region and a veteran of World War I, he is best known for taking the only photographs of the Great National Assembly at Alba Iulia [Marea Adunare Naţională de la Alba Iulia] that proclaimed the Union of Transylvania with Romania on 1 December 1918. The day is celebrated as Romania's national holiday, and, with time, Mârza's images acquired political and documentary significance.


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