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The Multiplace server (aka sanchez) is an independent infrastructure for artistic, cultural and social initiatives in central Europe and elsewhere.

The server has been providing web hosting, internet services and assistance since its launch on the celebration of Art's Birthday on 17 January 2008. The NGO Multiplace started the server to support the wide range of organisations, artists and activists involved in its annual festival of media arts and culture. Over the years, the Multiplace server has gradually become the main focus of the organisation, going beyond its original scope as a festival network.

Today, Sanchez hosts over a hundred web domains of artists, writers, spaces, community radios, performance collectives, festivals, magazines, and human rights groups mainly based in central Europe. The server provides storage, secure shell, mail administration, pads, mailing lists and streaming, and is committed to free software.

Since its inception, Multiplace NGO has been the sole operator of the Multiplace server.


admin at multiplace dot org