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Sanne Krogh Groth is Ph.D. in Musicology from the University of Copenhagen (2010, Kehrer 2014) and MA in Musicology and Theatre studies (2003) with a thesis on Sound Art. She is currently, since 2017, associate professor in Musicology at Lund Universitet and since 2011 editor-in-chief of the online journal Seismograf/DMT ( In 2015-16 she was affiliated at the Royal Library in Copenhagen conducting the research project “Composers on Stage” concerning 21st century contemporary music composers and in 2011-2014 assistant professor in Performance Design at Roskilde University. She has published internationally and occasionally co-curated at events and exhibitions. She is the author of the book Politics and Aesthetics in Electronic Music. A Study of EMS - Elektronmusikstudion Stockholm, 1964-79 (Kehrer, 2014) [1].