Savić Rašović

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Savić Rašović a.k.a Pirun a.ka. Sasha is a new media artist, performer, curator and political activist. During the 1990s an antiwar organizer, journalist and publisher of and MNNews, first independent portal and news agency from Montenegro. He is the co-founder of an artist-run organization iKatun whose mission is to foster public engagement in the politics of information. iKatun runs experimental curatorial platforms, supports art projects and publishes critical writing. He is a founding member of the Institute for Infinitely Small Things, a performance troup whose creative, participatory research aims to temporarily transform public spaces dominated by corporate and political agendas. Using performance and conversation, the Institute investigates social and political "tiny things". These have included corporate ads, street names, and post-9/11 security terminology. To pay rent, fund art and various other actions he works as a user interface designer and software developer.