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Authors V. A. Graham, J. A. Eisenhower
Language English
Publisher self-published (Most Ancient) (15€)
City Oakland, CA
Year 2012-2015
Pages 48
Format 23.5 cm x 21.6 cm
Fabrication Digital printing, silkscreen covers, handbound
E-book PDF (62 mb)

Graphically, Scaffold is a strange object. The pages of the series' books are entirely composed of different sets of quasi-architectural formations and various sets of unfolding landscapes mostly depicted frontally. The sequence follows an implicit, oulipian rule that the two artists agreed upon: no world location can ever be revisited or depicted again once it is left. They manifest the artists' desire to produce a system for conveying movement through sets of fixed structures where storytelling, consisting mostly in commonplace dialogues, is just a byproduct of these rigid superstructures. Scaffold reads like a post-human narrative; the reader is left to contemplate something similar to the sidescrolling of a platform video game. No main characters are present. No action takes place. Scaffold thematizes the narrative impact of the background layer. It is a demonstration of comics' intermedial referential capacities in regards to other media, here video games.